By: Lucas Plamann

It feels just like yesterday that we were saying goodbye to the last few snow piles of winter, and just like that, BAM! We’re in June already! June is a delightfully busy time of the year. School is out for the summer, and field work is in full swing. Weekends become filled with weddings, graduations, vacations, and trips to the lake or cabin.

However, for many dairy enthusiasts, June is a month to celebrate and recognize the dairy industry. The celebration of dairy month was initially started as “Milk Month” in 1937 as a way to increase and promote milk consumption world wide. Today this has transitioned to modern day ways of celebrating June as Dairy Month. Some common new traditions now include Breakfast on the Farm, Dairy Days, seminars, and promotion done by our local Dairy Ambassadors and Royalty.

Recently, 12 of Minnesota’s finest young dairy women were selected as candidates for this year’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way, which is an essential part in Minnesota’s dairy promotion. One lucky lady will be selected to represent the great, hardworking dairy farmers, as well as being a public image for the dairy industry.

These are all great ways to celebrate June Dairy Month, but there are two simple ways to make a beneficial impact. The easiest way you can celebrate June Dairy Month, and thank local dairy farmers, is by purchasing and consuming plenty of dairy products! Second, if you yourself are a dairy producer, don’t be afraid to tell your story about dairy farming! If we aren’t the people who provide personal, and truthful information, other misinformed resources will; and that is what writes the next chapter in the book of agriculture. So raise a glass of ice cold milk and make a toast to celebrating another year of a wonderful industry and its producers!

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