Boumatic’s Mission:  

We create value through innovative solutions to harvest the highest quality milk, gently, quickly and completely.

Gently:  This involves having minimal stress for the animal during all aspects of the milking process. The gentle approach starts from the ease of movement from the barn to the parlor to the environment of the parlor itself. The gentle aspect is also driven by how the pulsation, claw, liner and automation work together for the gentle removal of the milk from the animal.

Quickly:  Proper timing of udder preparation and unit attachment improves milk flow by taking advantage of the milk letdown reflex to reduce the average milking duration. BouMatic’s Milk Harvest product line will help the milker achieve this with a lightweight claw, liners with unique features based on herd needs, and a pulsator that is reliable and accurate.

Completely:  The end goal is to remove all available milk and optimize or increase total milk production. Choosing the ideal liner and setting optimal vacuum and pulsation levels are key to successful milk production goals. Having a high-capacity lightweight claw that meets the needs of even the highest-producing cows further complements the BouMatic offering and fulfills the BouMatic milking principle.

VaDia analysis provides critical data for optimal milkouts. Gently, Quickly, Completely.

VaDia analysis provides critical data for optimal milkouts. Gently, Quickly, Completely.

Goal #1 Consistency:  Your first goal is to achieve excellent initial and continual milk letdown. This requires consistent milking procedures, consistent attachment procedures, and consistent unit alignment. Optimum performance is achieved when 50% of the milk is removed in the first 2 minutes of milking.

Goal #2 Timeliness:  Your second goal is to achieve rapid milk flow throughout the entire milking to minimize unit-on time or milking duration. This requires consistent udder preparation and prompt removal upon cessation of milk flow. Udder preparation should include the steps of Cleaning, Pre-Dip, Strip, and Dry prior to unit attachment. Attaching the milking unit should occur within 90 to 120 seconds after the first teat contact time.

Goal #3 Cow Health:  Your third goal is to avoid over-milking. Over-milking can occur at two times during a typical milking. First, if a cow is not prepped properly there will be over-milking shortly after the unit is attached due to low flow conditions. Second, when take-off settings are not adjusted properly, there can be significant over-milking at the end of the milking session. Take off settings should be adjusted so that between 8 to 15 ounces (250 – 450 ml) of the milk is left in the udder. Contact us for an evaluation today!