Water is an extremely valuable resource on a dairy farm. In the great Midwest we are fortunate to be able to go about our everyday farm chores without worrying about water restrictions. From a nutrition standpoint water is also the most important component in an animal’s diet.

With that in mind it is more important to make sure that animals have pure, healthy water access at all times. Well hydrated animals will perform at their best when they receive the best water and nutrition available.. Whether they are milk cows, beef cattle feeder cattle, hobby pets, or anything else, they deserve the best!

Does your water have a pungent smell or leave a black layer of gunk on the bottom of your water tanks? If so, this could be a result of high levels of water hardness, pH, nitrates, sulfates, sodium, or iron.

Lucky enough there is a simple solution for that! OxyBlast, is a USDA Organic Regulation approved peroxide based water purification solution that can fix all of the above listed problems and more! With its purification, OxyBlast  makes water not only potable, but also more palatable and appealing to animals, which promotes water intake.

There are 3 main things that OxyBlast can do for you!

  • Cleans bad water.
  • Cleans waterlines, nipple drinkers, drinking fountains, stock tanks, and well pumps.
  • Helps the health of animals to improve production figures, and lower antibiotic costs, if not eliminate them!


If you have bad water, or are curious about what benefits OxyBlast, or an OxyBlast system can provide you, give us a call today!