Time seems to go so fast!  With the intentions of doing regular blogging for the “June Is Dairy Month,” I have only a few days of June remaining.  I guess that plan will not come to fruition!

And so goes Life!  We make plans, and Life happens!  And that’s OK.  When I was in my teens, my dream was to become a veterinarian.  I got an Animal Health Technician degree, and Life gave me a precious family.  As a young mother, I thought I could become an author of children’s books, with my sister as my illustrator; Life gave me a move to a new location and a degree in elementary education.   I always thought I would make a good school teacher, but Life put me in religious education and gave me a degree in pastoral ministry.  The plans I made were good, but I am so grateful and amazed at all the treasures Life has given me.  Sometimes there were tough days, or days with barely enough funds for basic necessities.  There were struggles with relationships, and time spent wondering what happened.  We all have these challenges in our lives. But we do what we can, and do our best on any given day, and that is all we can do.

These past couple of years have been very difficult for the dairy industry, and this puts stress on all aspects of the dairy family life.  But continue to make plans, and let Life happen.  Keep doing what you can do, and do the best you can through all the challenges. No one asks more of you than that.  It is well known that people devoted to dairy do not give up easily.  The dairy industry has some of the hardest working dedicated people in our world.    And just so you know, your hard work is appreciated, and your devotion admired by all who enjoy the nutritious, delicious, and affordable products the dairy industry provides for our country, and our world.  Thanks to all of you who make this possible!  You are amazing, and we are grateful!