Bulk Tanks & Cooling

Glacier™ Milk Tanks

Boumatic Dairy Kool bulk tank integrated with the AMS-Galaxy buffer tank system.

Boumatic Dairy Kool bulk tank integrated with the AMS-Galaxy buffer tank system.

Harness the awesome cooling power of a Glacier™ tank: Highest Quality Construction,Tough and Durable, Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel, Smoothest Running System, Precision Engineered.








BouMatic Plate Coolers

 BouMatic Plate Coolers are unrivaled for fast, efficient milk cooling and will use your well water or chilled water for maximum cooling effectiveness. The durable construction and efficient design allow quick cooling for highest milk quality. BouMatic Plate Coolers are  engineered with a special internal stainless steel plate system that rolls fresh milk across a series of unique cooling plates.  This maximizes contact between the milk and the plate surfaces creating the most efficient heat transfer.




OptiFlo™ CF 

OptiFlo™ CF is the only true variable speed milk transfer control system for the ultimate in cooling system efficiency.  When milk is pumped through your cooling system at optimum flow rates, more efficient heat transfer occurs at the plate cooler. This reduces cooling system requirements and lowers energy consumption.

The OptiFlo™ CF uses the dairy industry’s only completely 3A approved single, continuous float probe to measure pressures in your milk transfer system to maintain smooth and optimum milk flow through your cooling system.  With the OptiFlo CF and its 3A approved single, continuous float probe, you no longer have to settle for old style, energy wasting, variable speed milk pump controls with their inefficient pre-set pump speeds.

Whether your tank is near empty or full, the OptiFlo CF system automatically adjusts to provide optimum milk flow for maximum milk cooling efficiency.


Therma-Stor ® Heat Recovery

A Therma-Stor® heat recovery system is a double-walled heat exchanger with water  storage tank that captures lost heat from your cooling system to heat your water for free. The heated water is then stored in the system until it is needed.

In a milk cooling system without a Therma-Stor ®heat recovery system, the refrigerant removes the heat from the milk being cooled and that valuable heat escapes into the air. With a Therma-Stor® heat recovery system, the refrigerant carrying the heat passes through the double-walled heat exchanger surrounding the water storage tank and heats  up the water. The Therma-Stor® heat recovery system also provides additional condensing surface which improves refrigeration efficiency because compressor efficiency goes up as condensing temperatures go down. The end result is faster cooling and prolonged compressor life.


Air-Cooled Scroll Condensing Unit

The Dairy Industry’s Top Performing Condensing Unit
Five sizes available: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ½ HP

  • Energy efficient, superior performance, durability
  • Highly efficient Copeland Scroll compressors
  • Combine with a Glacier™ cooling tank for best-in-class milk cooling performance
  • R507 and R404a compatible


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