CIP Washers

 The BouMatic Guardian™ II Pipeline Washer

 Guardian_ II_WashControl

The Guardian™ II automatically cleans and sanitizes your system after each milking shift, offering the cleaning and sanitation features you deserve and the safety features you expect.

Designed as a clean-in-place wash system, the Guardian™ II combines the actions of an efficient wash controller with the security of an internal monitoring system.


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The BouMatic Guardian™ JW 2 Jar Pipeline Washer


This ultimate economy pipeline washer is designed for farms requiring high quality, low cost wash control.  Detergent and acid are manually loaded in the 2 Jar dispensers.

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The DeLaval cleaning unit C125

The C125 is designed to handle even large dairies.  The unit is electronically controlled, which provides a cleaning system that can be customized to the exact requirements of your milking system.