Jon Christensen

“We liked the way B & R Dairy Equipment, Inc. put the project together.  They listened to what we wanted to do.  They came in and updated the way we wanted, and re-used what they could.”    
Jon’s project was an update of Westfalia ARC Detachers to BouMatic Smart-Lite Detachers, and included Milk Flow Monitoring, LED technology, and Milk Phases at a Glance by networking detachers with the computer.
Some benefits of the project are better milk out, better teat ends, and “Just a better understanding of how the settings and systems work by being able to see it work on the computer.”   Jon liked the attitude of the B & R Dairy workers; everyone pitched in, they were happy guys, andthe system works!”


Jay, Moldan Holsteins

Through word of mouth from other dairy producers, Jay heard good things about B & R Dairy Equipment, Inc. Jay’s project included a 2 X 6, 90LX High Lift Parallel Stall Parlor, 5450 Detachers with Milk Yield Indicators, 3/4″ Max Claws, a 10 HP AirStar Vacuum pump, and a dual pass Plate Cooler.  Happy with the results of the project, Jay is likes it that he now has two less hours of labor a day, and he catches more heats in the holding pen.
When asked what the two most significant improvements resulting from the project were, Jay said, “Quality of life (health of body, especially hips), and more family time because I am in the house earlier.”  
Jay is very satisfied with the way things went,B & R  worked with all other contractors to make the project go smoother.  B & R helped with all of the project, and helped with the extra things.


Laura, Roseview Dairy

“They always took the extra time to help ensure everything was working properly and answer all of my questions. B & R Mobile Solutions made sure I understood how to view the cameras and maximize their features. Excellent customer service!”


Perry, Beranek Brothers Dairy

“Overall we are very happy with how our parlor turned out. B & R had dedicated staff that was invested in helping us be successful. They stayed late when the push came to finish and helped us after the install to make sure we were on our feet.”


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