As the year of 2017 is on its last days, we look back and remember another jam-packed and eventful year. As the rollercoaster of a year went up and down, there was a notable amount of stand out moments.

There was a rough spot this year where farmers, unluckily, didn’t know if they were going to continue to have a coop to send their milk to. They would wait and wait for that dreaded letter to come in the mail stating the milk trucks would no longer be stopping at their farm.

A big event that every dairy farmer will note is the price of milk that seemed to decline like a ski slope growing lower, and lower as the months went by. The question that loomed over everyone “It has to get better right?” Unfortunately for some, optimism just wasn’t in the cards, and we saw dairy publication ads smattered with the caption “Complete Herd Dispersal”.


The industry was challenged by many animal rights and welfare groups, trying to scandalize the good name our hardworking dairy producers.


Dairy barns that once housed cows along with cherished memories were reduced to ashes in Grantsburg WI, Elrosa MN, Russel MN, and Brooklyn WI.


Yet through all of the ups and downs, there was still plenty of good along the way.


The result of coops turning away patrons? Other creameries opened their doors.

The result of Farms selling out their herd?  Someone was able to make their dream a reality and buy their first cows.

The result of animal rights scandals? Farmers untied to stand up to be the true voice of animal agriculture.

The result of barn sites leveled by storm and fire? Neighbors and communities gathered to house, shelter, and milk the animals.

Even though we are often met with adversity, we always seem to find our way to prosperity. Although the days may seem gloomy and hopeless, we can always count on the goodness and kindness of our friends and neighbors to shine through in the darkness. The days and months ahead maybe uneasy and unpredictable, just always remember, we are all in this together.