Remember the stories we would here from previous generations telling how it was back in the days of whatever year the story teller wanted to remind us about?  Snow drifts as high as the roof; doors blocked shut by the snow; tying a rope between the house and the barn so one wouldn’t get lost when going to care for the animals or to milk the cows; and so many more tales!  Well, now, after the Winter of 2019, we can better relate to those experiences and it may well be that we will be the future storytellers!  It has been quite a winter!  And for most of us, even those who like winter, we will be ready to welcome the Spring!

One of the best spring events is the Central Plains Dairy Expo that will be held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, March 26-28, 2019.  Included here is a link for the Expo schedule. Central Plains Dairy Expo Schedule

May you be able to find some time to get away from the winter blahs, and get your mind off of the snow, if only for a short while, as we  await the Spring!    “No matter how long the winter, spring will always follow.”  An Old Proverb