Would a rancher drive a tractor around with only 3 wheels? Would a farmer start fall harvest with broken machinery? Of course not!  Milking equipment is harvesting equipment, and should be treated the same way!

Yes, with $14 milk everyone is stretching their nickels and dimes, and that is completely understandable. A columnist recently wrote an article about two things one should never cut corners on regardless of the dairy market: dairy semen, and alfalfa seed. I’ll add a third: milk harvesting equipment. What’s not understandable is cutting corners on nutrition, reproduction, and milking equipment.  The best way to protect an important investment such as a milking system, is with the preventative Scheduled Service.

With the current price of milk, no dairy farmer is thrilled about the thought of spending money on something  they think is running adequately. The reality is that one can’t afford not to have their system firing on all cylinders and working as close to 100% as possible. It is crucial for everything to work properly and at optimal efficiency.

  • A “small air leak” could lead to a significant amount of teat end damage.
  • “Faintly used” hoses lead to bacteria build up an increased plate counts.
  • A wash cycle running with “slightly less” chemical or product is asking for trouble.
  • A milk pump with “a little more noise than usual” affects the entire milk harvesting process.

Boumatic has a mantra of, “Gently, Quickly, and Completely.” This forms a triangular support guideline that every dairy operation should follow. The irony is that if you take one of those three phrases away, the whole phrase falls apart, much like a smoothly running milking system will do if something isn’t working properly.

B&R Dairy Equipment  offers a preventative Scheduled Service.  This includes –

  • Vacuum Pump Maintenance
  • Pulsator Maintenance
  • Milk Meter Maintenance
  • Detachers: clean and lube

At B&R we service all brands of dairy equipment. We pride ourselves with our Scheduled Service program , Blue Ribbon Route Services, Milking System Analysis, and 24/7 Emergency Service. We strive for quality service repairs using keen problem solving skills. Our team of trained and experienced service technicians are at your service!