We do a fair amount of “preaching” about the importance of scheduled services and the truth is that they are critical to making sure that your dairy stays running as smoothly as possible. Would you decide to run your car engine without properly maintaining it with oil, antifreeze, and the correct parts? Probably not. I would guess that you make sure your engine is finely tuned to keep you safe and arriving promptly to your destination. So, why not do the same for your milking equipment? Your equipment has the ability to help you get to your destination (a successful milking experience for you, your employees and your cows) while also doing it safely (preventing the need for any late night “get you by until tomorrow morning” type of repairs). Let’s be honest, no one like a phone call at 10pm informing them that the milk pump is no longer pumping milk or that the chemical tubes have broken and you can’t wash for the evening milking. Moreover, well maintained equipment helps keep employees and personnel happy as compared to equipment that might not be running up to par. How frustrating is it to start the milking system only to find a pulsator not working or broken twin tubes?!

Truth of the matter is this, well maintained equipment is a cost but can you afford the costs associated with skipping on this year’s maintenance plan? Could it be high bacteria counts, frustrated employees, extra mastitis cases, wasted chemicals, or slower milking? Whether you order the parts and do the maintenance yourself or you hire one of our trusted service technicians, please consider the true cost of postponing schedule services even during these low milk prices.