PostDip_EFC5-10 Looks like winter is here and here to stay.  Many of our dairymen have had conversations with our route specialists about the various offerings we have at B & R Dairy for teat health care products.  Protecting and maintaining teat skin health is our primary concern when the weather becomes cold, especially cold and wet. First things first, let’s make sure that our producers are making sure that their cows are clean and dry.  Lots of fresh dry bedding, especially in the fresh cow pen will help to maintain skin health.  Fresh cows are the most susceptible to freezing conditions due the edema in their udders at the time of calving and this risk is seen mostly in first calf heifers.

Coming into the cold weather months we want to make sure that we are maintaining good teat end health.  By having a VaDia test done to make sure equipment is in check and evaluating milking procedures, we can maximize milking time to cause the least amount of teat end damage.  If we have damage, using a lactic acid or chlorine dioxide based pre dip would be advised to exfoliate the skin on the teat and teat ends, followed up with a high emollient based post dip to soft and recondition teat skin.  On farm mixing stations are even available to help adjust emollient levels and disinfectant levels on farm as conditions change.  Teat ends are the first defense in mastitis control and they need to be maintained.

In our brutally cold temperatures it would be advised to use one of our dry powder teat dips for teat health.  These products eliminate the “drips” that we so often fear with frost bite conditions. Be sure to be in contact with any of our route specialists to help you with your winter teat care needs.