We have lots of tools at our finger tips.  Smart phones make it possible to process data and information faster than we could have possibly dreamed.  Milking equipment companies are making tools that can monitor activity, feed intake, send text messages, test milk quality and almost a million other things, but what if you invest all of that money for the latest and greatest and you don’t use that technology to its fullest potential?  The rate of return on any technology is only as good as the efficiency of its use.  If you have milk weights and quality measurements, are you using that information to group cows, make culling decisions, adjust diets for different groups of cows, or even adjusting the diets for the whole herd? We have data overload.  Even detachers that are sold have the ability to do a multitude of tasks but do we need all the bells and whistles. Sales professionals will work hard to make a sale but make sure that they are listening to your needs and your future plans.  After the sale, make sure that you get the training that you need and the technology support that you need.  Ask questions on how to make the best decisions and use your data.  Data is power but it is also completely useless if you don’t manage it. Be sure to talk to one of the many trained Boumatic and B & R Dairy professionals to help your technology work for you and your herd.