Milk System & CIP Analysis

Like a finely tuned engine, we’ll help you milk your cows quickly, gently, completely!


IMG_20150915_102911444IMG_20150915_141012448_HDRFlow Star Max Claws with 3/4" outlets, combined with Milkrite IP3-LMWBFS liners allow a Quick, Gentle, Complete milk out.

Milking Time System Analysis  test the performance of your milk harvesting equipment during milking.  

When the system is working properly, cows will milk out faster, reducing the unit-on time.

We graph the pulsators, analyze the line vacuum level and be sure the vacuum level is proper for the type of inflations being used, analyze the teat-end vacuum level, and test the regulator efficiency.

A Milking Time System Analysis can help a producer be more profitable by helping to sustain peak performance, ensure more efficient use of the milk harvesting equipment, help keep down the Somatic Cell Count, and help prevent down-time and the need of Emergency Service.


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