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 Computerized Calf Feeders


Calf Star LLC

Calf Star LLC  manufactures calf milk pasteurizers. The products are cost beneficial and save time on your dairy. A variety of different models are available and can be customized to best suit whatever you may need to feed your calves. 

Calf Star Pasteurizer (Large and Small Frame)


Holm and Laue’s Computerized HL100 Calf Feeder Calves can be housed together but fed and treated inidvidually.  This calf feeder is built from individual modules, and can be used with fresh milk or with calf replacer.


Holm & Laue’s Milk Taxi – Innovation in Calf Feeding  

Farmers feeding their calves from buckets can now opt for a truly labor-saving solution that is fully matched to a farmer’s needs.

Urban Paula and Alma Calf Feeders provide a flexible integration in every stall and expandable with practical accessories.  A centrally controlled feeder manages multiple calf feeding/nipple stations. Urban models have the best hygiene with a cleaning program set with two different rinsing agents and integrated teat cleaning.  Units are compact and frost-resistant for Midwest climates.

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