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SmartDairy® Management System


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SmartDairy® Milk HarvestingTouchPoint ™Module

 TouchPoint™ is the SmartDairy in-parlor display and keypad for controlling milking and management procedures at each stall point. It is constructed of super-durable engineered resin, the same material used in the construction of legendary Flo-Star® MAX milking claws from BouMatic. It is fully adapted to all Parallel and Herringbone systems, and it mounts in a cabinet or as a stand-alone unit. It is fully adapted to BouMatic Rotary milking cabinets, and fully adapted to the BouMatic DualFlo™ swingover milking system.


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SmartDairy® Heat Detection 

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Screenshot of an activity report generated from the SmartDairy Program.







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