VaDia Testing, a great tool for evaluating dairies! I have been on many of our customer’s dairies in the past 18 months using a new tool that we have available. The VaDia sensor is an independent sensor which I mount on the shell of the milking liner. This sensor is blue tooth capable and provides a wealth of information about the equipment, people and the cows on a dairy. When doing an evaluation, sensors are able to run on battery power for about 24 hours. Sensors are capable of using Bluetooth technology in order to do real time analysis. Why should you have a VaDia test done on your dairy? The answer is simple, to create a status point from which we can make changes and evaluate results. Because the sensor is independent we can mount it on the shell and proceed with normal milking and washing procedures. With 24 hours of data we can make solid decisions on setting milking equipment, changing employee procedures or improving cow health.

What can we learn from a VaDia testing? Dairies are evaluated on 3 basic areas impacting milk quality: people, cows and equipment.  It is important to evaluate the strengths and opportunities in these areas as well as create history for comparison when changes are made. I have the ability to determine if milk flow is optimized by a smooth milk path or is we have the correct pulsation settings to maximize milk out for a cow. Data can also determine if employees are following the correct prepping procedures for optimal milk let down. Using the vacuum readings I can determine if we need to adjust settings to improve milk flow to the bulk tank.

Our full route customers and customers that have a scheduled service performed on their dairies have access to this tool and data. Using the information collected yearly, semi-yearly, and quarterly we can create a history which helps dairymen and women make better choices. We hope you will consider joining our satisfied customers and give yourself the ability to have this service.