We have been moving several of our high producing herds into 3/4″ Boumatic Flow Star Max Claws, some even including a 1″ inlet on the milk line.

1″ inlet on this milk line eliminates all possible bottlenecks, combined with the 3/4″ milk hose.

So what’s the big deal with the added diameter?  Industry standard has always been the 5/8″ milk hose and claw but with the increase in milk production per cow and the increase in milking speed we find our existing systems to be filled with bottlenecks, struggling to handle the extra pounds coming faster down the line.  We find proof of this when we do milking system analysis and we see evidence of milk slugs.  By increasing diameter we can allow milk to flow in a smooth path, with no bottlenecks, consistently to the milk line.  Inconsistency in vacuum is where we find issues with liner performance.  Several of our systems have also added the new Milkrite IP3-LMWBFS liners, made specifically for the Boumatic Flow Star Max Claws.  This combination has been yielding some exciting results!